Center of excellence for particle size reduction services

Our Monteggio (CH) site serves as the European Center of Excellence for particle engineering, and provides particle size control expertise through micronization technologies. The Monteggio site - and its US equivalent in Quakertown, PA - is an integral component of our drug product design, development and manufacturing services network.

With 19 production suites and 37 cGMP jet and pin mills, the site is well equipped to support your compound at any point of the product lifecycle. We provide micronization services from a few grams to tons of APIs. Dedicated areas for steroids, cryogenic capabilities for elastic / semi-solid milling, and isolation for highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPIs) are available. Our skilled team of engineers and technical staff evaluate your compound carefully and adapt equipment and processing parameters to address dissolution rate, stability, flowability and other performance issues required to meet target product profiles for oral solid, inhaled and other drug delivery routes.

years experience in particle engineering
actives handled every year
of different active ingredient micronized

Particle engineering for HPAPI

At our Monteggio (CH) site, we evaluate every compound through our HS&E department and then assign a suitable containment system solution according to the OEL. Our facility has a number of rigid and flexible isolators to match the containment requirements of your compounds at any stage of product development. A range of mechanical and jet milling capabilities are available with isolation designed to meet containment levels down to 1 µg/m³ at scales from 2-100 kg batch sizes.  

Proven capabilities

We have premier capabilities and capacity in particle size reduction services through its Monteggio (CH) and Quakertown (PA, US) sites. These complementary sites share best practices in process optimization, mill design and operations. Regulatory registrations / inspections across the two sites include: FDA; SwissMedic; Japan Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare; Korea FDA, and Australian Deptartment of Health.

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