Quality From the Start: avoid & mitigate risk of failure when developing biotherapeutics

Advancing an innovative drug from late stage discovery into the clinic is one of the most critical steps in candidate development. At this stage, the scientific focus must be on the drug design for optimal efficacy as well as gaining information on the product. Now’s the opportunity for you to arrange your meeting with our experts Yvette and Noel to discuss how we can support you and your candidate program.

This is the time when key decisions are made that have long-term impact and pave the way for clinical and commercial manufacturing including the future supply chain. Our protein design and optimization services help mitigate risks, reduce attrition and improve the quality and safety of therapeutic proteins. In this early phase it is critical to have information to make informed decisions.

We will tailor our conversation to your needs – topics can include:

  • Assessment & manufacturability screening
  • Protein Engineering
  • De-immunization / humanization
  • In-silico / in-vitro immunogenicity assessment
  • Guaranteed antibody supply up to 2 g within 6 weeks

Email Matt or Laetitia to schedule your meeting


Matthew Minakowski
Sr. Manager
Business Development


Laetitia Rodes
Associate Director
Business Development



Yvette Stallwood
Head Cambridge Site and Applied Protein Services

Yvette Stallwood completed her PhD at the University of Birmingham (UK) and has a background in Virology, Cell & Molecular Biology. She joined Lonza in 2007, initially leading the cell and molecular biology expression group in the Applied Protein Services department and is now Head Cambridge Site and Applied Protein Services.


Noel Smith
Head of Immunology and Applied Protein Services

Noel Smith completed his PhD and post-doctoral studies at the University of Cambridge and joined Lonza in 2009. He is currently the Head of Immunology at Lonza’s Applied Protein Services Department in Cambridge where his focus is on developing platforms to optimize the potency and safety of biotherapeutic proteins, vaccines, immunotherapies and cell & gene therapy products. The platforms include human cell-based assays to assess both immunotoxicity and immunogenicity risk during preclinical development.