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Small Molecules

  • Highly potent API development and manufacturing
  • SimpliFiHTM Solutions for rapid first-in-human studies
  • Bioavailability enhancement for poorly soluble compounds


  • Integrated ADC services from development to commercial
  • Cell & gene therapies: process development and manufacturing

 Featured Subject Matter Expert presentations

We will present on a number of topics that span a broad range of enabling technologies. Please see some of our featured presentations below.

APIs and Toxins/Linkers for Antibody Drug Conjugates: A Vision on Highly Potent Development, Scale-up and Manufacturing

Drug product development based on potent compounds can be quite challenging. Complications with the interface between operations in drug substance and drug product handling can also result in increased program complexity and cost. This also applies when the potent compound is used as toxin/linker for application in ADCs. In this presentation, we will elaborate on best practices and requirements that facilitate accelerated timelines to clinic & market:

  • development, rapid scaling and commercial production of HPAPI drug substance (including representative case studies)
  • Integrated containment for particle engineering and drug products
  • Impact of supporting integrated service-offerings on expansion strategies

When: Wednesday 18th March, 11:00 am - 11:30 am
Venue: Seminar 1-C, West Hall 2
Spekaer: Maurits Janssen, PhD, VP, Head of Commercial Development - Lonza Small Molecules


Technology Selection Methodologies for Poorly Soluble Molecules

A large portion of orally administered small molecules have poor absorption due to low aqueous solubility or dissolution rate. Strategies for improving oral bioavailability are becoming more widely studies and utilized in an effort to increase the oral exposure of such molecules. Selecting the optimal technology for maximizing performance, maintaining physical and chemical stability, and achieving the target product profile in vivo requires that key parameters be tailored to the specific drug and balanced relative to additional factors such as manufacturability and cost. In this presentation, we will share with you two structural motifs—"brick-dust" and "greaseball"—that span the typical compound property space for molecules with poor oral bioavailability as well as demonstrate our strategies for improving absorption of such drugs.

AaronStewart-1.jpg When: Wednesday 18th March, 11:45 am - 12:15 pm
Venue: Seminar 1-C, West Hall 2
Speaker: Aaron Stewart, Associate Principal Scientist, Lonza Small Molecules


Enabling Cell & Gene Therapies Commercialization Through Process Development and Manufacturing Industrialization

What are the main manufacturing challenges and early development phase considerations in the field of cell and gene therapy from the CDMO perspective? Specific focus points of the presentation will include scalability, productivity, cell culture format (2D versus 3D), automation, and process analytics. Our speaker will introduce a risk assessment-based approach towards the development of cell and gene therapy processes and include best-practices in the development of cell and gene therapy products through appropriate process characterization, automation, and computer-controlled bioreactors.

Krallis Lisa-1.jpg When: Wednesday 18th March, 11:00 am - 11:30 am (BioPharma Seminar)
Venue: Seminar 2-H, West Hall 4
Speaker: Lisa Krallis, Global Head of Business Development,
Lonza Cell and Gene Technologies

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