Raising the Gold Standard for therapeutic protein expression

At Lonza, we strive to help you develop next generation biotherapeutics as quickly and reliably as possible. With more than 35 years of experience providing mammalian expression, process development and manufacturing services, we are ideally placed to supply you with a robust and versatile expression platform to optimize your production.

The GS Xceed® Expression System is a market-leading expression technology platform. This robust, fully integrated, scalable system includes host cell lines, vectors, and access to optimized media and feeds, as well as comprehensive methods and processes.

As biopharmaceutical development continues to evolve, we are committed to ongoing technology advancements to our GS Xceed® Toolbox to continue to meet your needs. The combination of this ongoing innovation, advanced, proprietary technology and our exceptional expertise will help improve your efficiency and help reduce time to market.

Introducing the next stage in the evolution of our GS Xceed® Toolbox: GS piggyBacTM

Meet the challenge of complex protein expression with GS piggyBac™ - a unique and versatile cell line engineering technology. Lonza has acquired the exclusive bioprocessing use rights to piggyBac™ intellectual property – a proven transposon-based technology that preferentially targets stable regions of the genome associated with highly expressed genes.

GS piggyBac Infographic


The GS piggyBac™ system uses an engineered hyperactive piggyBac™ transposase enzyme to insert GS Xceed® expression vector cargos into the host cell genome with high efficiency with the following benefits:

  • Combining our GS System® with piggyBac™ transposon technology results in increased yields versus GS System® alone with both pools and clones 1,2
  • Enhanced performance of GS piggyBac™ observed with low versus high expressing monoclonal antibodies 1,2
  • Accommodating a large DNA cargo (> 200kb) makes GS piggyBac™ highly suited to support cell line engineering needed to enhance complex protein expression 3
  • Preferentially targeting genetically stable parts of the genome at high efficiency has the potential to improve cell line stability 4, 5, 6



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