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Can innovative companies
excel in manufacturing?



Pipeline growth in pharma frequently comes from small companies. While historically, the objective of these companies was to quickly partner with a big player, ambitious biotechs are now looking to keep their molecules longer and sometimes all the way to commercialization.

A successful commercialization requires knowledge about how to successfully implement CMC strategies, an area where small companies typically have limited resources and expertise. Hence, they will most likely rely on a CDMO under a traditional outsourcing model. But does it always have to be that way?

Not necessarily. Partnering with an experienced CDMO can help realizing the dream of building tailored capacity for the molecule in question and to eventually own it.

It is probably too much to ask for a small, innovative company to excel in manufacturing. However, finding an experienced CDMO partner can bridge the gaps that a small company has, to be able to take the candidate through clinical trials to the market and beyond.

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