Does your CDMO stand behind its promises?


We do by guaranteeing development & manufacturing timelines.

Going from gene to IND as fast as possible is a clear objective for most biotech companies like yours. You are under pressure to shorten your timelines and move as quickly as possible: the next round of investment funding may depend on hitting your targets.

If you are looking to outsource, the available options need to be critically assessed. How can you ensure your service provider stands behind its promises and keeps timing without delays? How do you avoid a situation where you pick a fast service, but where you may not get the quality or quantity you need

The answer is simple. Choose a partner who commits on time, quantity and quality. One who shares the risks with you. Work with the only CDMO that guarantees* to deliver GMP drug product for your phase 1 trials within 12 months, with an option to supply tox material in 9 months, and in addition ensures a quantity of min. 1kg GMP drug substance material for your phase 1 clinical needs.

Welcome to Ibex™ Solutions.

Ibex™ Design is a pioneering gene to vial offering delivering GMP drug product for your clinical phase 1 trials within 12 months, with an option to supply tox drug product in 9 months. To ensure speed to your milestones, Lonza guarantees the timelines of product supplied*.

*For antibodies and antibody like molecules. From receipt of the gene sequence. Subject to terms and conditions.


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