What does it take to be a winner in the race to market?



The pace of innovation has accelerated rapidly in recent years. Simultaneously, the attractiveness of the biopharmaceutical market has drawn new players and competition is growing. It is therefore increasingly difficult to stay ahead of the competition. The first to market gets the biggest share and no biotech company wants to be the second in line.

To be a winner in the race to market you need a solid development strategy and an experienced partner. This is because maximizing the value of your new molecule is about more than speed. It is also about building your CMC correctly from the start, to create a commercially viable and scalable process. This is to ensure that when you have your BLA approved, your COGS have been optimized, you have enough capacity (even if your demand would change), and your process is robust and repeatable.

Working with a partner with proven experience in taking products to market will help you solve the development equation. It can help you secure future commercial supply too.

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Ibex™ solutions consist of three CDMO offerings: Ibex™ Design, Ibex™ Develop and Ibex™ Dedicate that span the complete biopharmaceutical lifecycle- from preclinical to commercial stages, from drug substance to drug product, all in one location. The variety of solutions offerings provide the flexibility of a complete program - from gene to drug product, or the option to drop in at a later stage depending where you are in your journey

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