Why are 12 months faster than 9?



Going from gene to IND as fast as possible is a clear objective for companies. Knowing how to do this is unfortunately not easy. If you are looking to outsource, then the available options need to be critically assessed. What services exist and how can they help you meet your business goals? How do you avoid a situation where you pick a service that is fast, but where you may not get the quality you need? Do you need to mix and match between different CDMOs or is there a more convenient solution?

Indisputably, maximizing the value of your new molecule is about more than speed. It is also about building your program correctly from the start, to ensure a commercially viable and scalable process. Therefore, if a 9 months gene to IND program will not deliver what you ultimately need then it might not be such a fast solution. Instead, a comprehensive and predictable 12 months program, though seemingly longer, can make you much faster in the end.

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Ibex™ Design is a pioneering gene to vial package delivering drug product for your clinical trials within 12 months. Also included is manufacturing slot reserved for your clinical resupply needs.


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