Why is one point of contact better than three?



To achieve important development milestones as quickly as possible, many companies partner with different service suppliers with various capabilities and expertise. This includes cell line construction, process development, and manufacturing capabilities.

The challenge to this is that it involves managing separate-but-related project elements—and suppliers—that make your development and management efforts more complicated and can consume tremendous amounts of time and resources.

In addition, failure to manage a program holistically can create vulnerabilities—like cell lines that are not commercially viable, or processes that are not scalable. This can force cycles of rework causing delays, which can endanger future funding or give your competitors an edge.

Consolidating everything under one roof is easier to negotiate up front, easier to manage over time and faster to process overall. An experienced partner with integrated drug substance and drug product capabilities can support you holistically. Together, you can create a development strategy with the end in mind.

Compared to outsourcing work to several companies, working with just one is likely to shave several months off your timeline, as well as save on costs.

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Ibex™ solutions consist of three CDMO offerings: Ibex™ Design, Ibex™ Develop and Ibex™ Dedicate that span the complete biopharmaceutical lifecycle- from preclinical to commercial stages, from drug substance to drug product, all in one location. The variety of solutions offerings provide the flexibility of a complete program - from gene to drug product, or the option to drop in at a later stage depending where you are in your journey.

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