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5-Azacytidine Inhaled Dry Powder Formulation Profoundly Improves Pharmacokinetics and Efficacy for Lung Cancer Therapy Through Genome Reprogramming

Content Type: Peer-reviewed publication

Author: Dr. David Vodak, Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute (LRRI)

Publish Date: 2/27/2020

Epigenetic therapy through demethylation of 5-methylcytosine has been largely ineffective in treating lung cancer, likely due to poor tissue distribution with oral or subcutaneous delivery of drugs such as 5-azacytidine (5AZA). This publication describes the development of an inhalable, stable dry-powder formulation of 5AZA. This work could lead to widespread use of this drug as the first inhaled dry-powder therapeutic for treating local and metastatic lung cancer, for adjuvant therapy and, when combined with immunotherapy, for improving patient survival. To learn more, please read our publication.