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Platform Approach for Inhaled Drug Delivery Products

This presentation reviews the use of a novel platform for the development of inhaled drug-delivery products.  This systematic methodology accounts for the myriad complexities during the development process, resulting in a customized formulation and process definition.  Encapsulation and drug-product options are reviewed, as are analytic considerations, producing a robust formulation and process suitable for clinical trials. To learn more, please view our presentation.
Authors: Devon DuBose, Dr. David Vodak, Dr. Michael Burke
Publish Date: 20-Apr-2017

Paper- A consensus introduction to serum replacements

ISCT peer-reviewed paper on serum replacements and serum-free media for cellular therapies.
Authors: Eytan Abraham
Publish Date: 01-Feb-2017

Bioreactors for cell therapies

ISCT peer-reviewed paper on Bioreactors for cell therapies.
Authors: Eytan Abraham
Publish Date: 01-Jan-2017

Spotlight on Product Characterization

Bioinsights sponsored inteview on analytical tools, assay development and characterization.
Authors: Behnam Ahmadian
Publish Date: 01-Dec-2016

A Newly Defined and Xeno-Free Culture Medium Supports

PLOS one Peer reviewed paper on medium replacement in the generation of hiPSCs.
Authors: Behnam Ahmandian and Thomas Fellner
Publish Date: 01-Sep-2016

Detailed Characterization of Human Induced Pluripotent peer reviewed paper on the characterization of iPSCs manufacturing.
Authors: Behnam Ahmadian and Thomas Fellner
Publish Date: 01-Jun-2016

Managing particulates in cell therapy- Guidance for best practice

ISCT peer-reviewed paper on Managing particulates in cell therapy: Guidance for best practice.
Authors: Eytan Abraham
Publish Date: 01-May-2016

cGMP-Manufactured Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

ISSCR peer-reviewed paper on cGMP manufacturing hiPSCs.
Authors: Behnam Ahmadian, Boon Hwa Neo, Thomas Fellner, Mahendra Rao
Publish Date: 01-Oct-2015

Manufacturing Human Induced-Pluripotent Stem Cells

BPI cell therapy Peer-reviewed case study on manufacturing hiPSCs for clinical application.
Authors: Behnam Ahmadian, Mahendra Rao and Thomas Fellner
Publish Date: 01-Oct-2015

Critical elements in the development of cell therapy

ISCT peer-reviewed paper on Critical elements in the development of cell therapy potency assays for ischemic conditions.
Authors: Eytan Abraham
Publish Date: 01-Jan-2015