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Accelerated development of first-in-human programs - SimpliFiH® Solutions

This webinar includes case studies to further discuss the services available through Lonza’s SimpliFiH® Solutions program and will provide a line of sight for post First-In-Human milestones. This integrated program enables drug substance and drug product delivery in about 40 weeks from the start of the project to the readiness for clinical.  To learn more, please view our on-demand webinar.
Authors: Dr. David Lyon, Conrad Roten
Publish Date: 24-Jun-2020

Specialized Clinical Services for Complex Clinical Studies

This webinar provides an overview of Lonza's clinical services, inclusive of integrated first-in-human solutions, which can effectively support accelerated timelines. Selected case studies are presented that demonstrate best practices in complex packaging and direct-to-patient supply. To learn more, please view our presentation.
Authors: David Dreifke, Dr. David Lyon
Publish Date: 23-Jun-2020

Next Generation Pharmaceutical Spray Drying

Spray-dried dispersions can be used to boost the bioavailability of APIs, allowing for more effective drug delivery. However, with complex compounds, challenges may arise such as filaments forming in the spray drying process, leading to suboptimal yields and undesirable flow properties. Kimberly Shephard and Michael Morgen discuss best practices to predict the most effective conditions to minimizing filament formation during spray drying, which can help lower risk and accelerate development. Read the full article in Manufacturing Chemist.
Authors: Kimberly Shepard, Michael Morgen
Publish Date: 09-Jun-2020

Lipid-Based Formulations for Early-Stage Clinical Trials

For certain molecules, the most appropriate technology for bioavailability enhancement and accelerated development will be lipid-based formulations (LBF), supported by in silico development tools. Senior Formulation and Product Development Scientists analyze the potential benefits and applications of lipid/liquid-based formulations and how they may reduce timelines to clinical trials. To learn more, please download our whitepaper.
Authors: Annabel Igonin, Jenifer Mains
Publish Date: 05-Jun-2020

High-Loaded Dosage Forms: Novel Platform Expands Dispersion Utility

Spray-dried amorphous solid dispersions (ASDs) show enormous promise in the delivery of drug compounds with low solubility. A novel platform expands the utility of this approach, enabling creation of ASD solid dosage forms with high drug loadings to meet patient needs. To learn more, please download our whitepaper.
Authors: Dr. Deanna Mudie
Publish Date: 04-Jun-2020

Technology Selection for Oral Bioavailability Enhancement Programs

Due to the growing incidence of low drug solubility in the pharmaceutical discovery and development pipeline the number of enabling technologies that are employed to improve oral drug absorption and bioavailability (BA) are also growing. Most commonly utilized are particle size reduction, amorphous solid dispersions and lipid-based technologies. Facilitated by advances in predictive methodologies, amorphous solid dispersions have become the most prevalent commercially deployed BA technology. To learn more, please download our whitepaper.
Authors: Dr. David Lyon
Publish Date: 04-Jun-2020

Extended and Dual Release Technologies

Extended release (ER) is often needed or desired to deliver crystalline and solubilized forms of compounds. This technical brief describes two proprietary osmotic technologies offered by Lonza for ER formulations--asymmetric membrane technology (AMT) and swellable core technology (SCT)--which can be used alone or in combination with other modified-release technologies. To learn more, please read our technical brief.
Publish Date: 05-May-2020

Liquid-Fill Hard Capsule Technology

This technical brief describes Lonza's liquid-fill hard capsule (LFHC) technology, which provides a unique, flexible dosage form with a proven track record for addressing complex formulation challenges. Gelatin and HPMC (hypromellose) hard capsules are available with different sealing options for liquid, semi-solid, paste, and multiparticulate applications, providing secure protection for active compounds through leakproof, airtight encapsulation impermeable to moisture, oxygen, and light. To learn more, please see our technical brief.
Publish Date: 05-May-2020

Lonza Nansha, China for Global Excellence in Advanced Chemical Synthesis

This brochure provides an overview of the extensive capabilities for small molecule manufacturing and advanced chemical synthesis available at Lonza's manufacturing site at Nansha, China. This state-of-the-art facility is FDA registered and builds on Lonza's 40 years of experience in custom manufacturing. To learn more, please see our brochure.
Publish Date: 05-May-2020

Lipid Multiparticulate Technology

Lipid multiparticulate (LMP) technology has the capacity to combine a breadth of functionality with a range of finished dosage formats: capsules, sachets, suspensions and tablets. This technical brief describes Lonza's novel LMP technology, which is based on a proprietary melt-spray-congeal process. This innovative drug delivery approach, which has market precedence, can be used for taste-masking, extended release, and bioavailability enhancement for pharmaceutical, health and nutritional products. To learn more, please read our technical brief.
Publish Date: 05-May-2020