Design, assess and optimize for clinical success

We offer a comprehensive proprietary line of in silico and in vitro services for manufacturability, immunogenicity, potency assessment, humanization and protein engineering. These technologies include our award winning and proprietary Epibase® T cell epitope screening platform for immunogenicity assessment along with our proprietary technology platform for structural protein engineering which can be followed by potency assessment. Our Early Development Services scientists based in Cambridge, UK, will help you determine a testing strategy, analyze and interpret the data and recommend next steps throughout the process.

In addition to our protein design and optimization services, we also offer a protein expression service for mg to kg quantities of both non-GMP and GMP material. Our Light Path™ programs are streamlined with minimal scope development and manufacturing services available for both mammalian and microbial applications. Our protein design and optimization services were developed to mitigate risks, reduce attrition and help improve the quality and safety of therapeutic proteins. They also address the challenges and accelerate the design and development of efficacious vaccines. These services provide a complete portfolio for your late discovery and early development needs.

Phase-appropriate services

Development risk, safety and high attrition rates remain some of the key challenges to successful biopharmaceutical and vaccine pipelines. Our services reduce R&D costs while improving productivity and are essential to providing safe and effective treatment to patients 

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