Tools to customize and optimize your biotherapeutic lead candidate

Our protein engineers will provide you with the best combination of in silico tools and expert knowledge for optimal protein engineering. We support early stage customers such as yourself in protein molecule optimization and testing as well as proof of concept material needs.

Using in silico modeling tools, re-engineer your protein to design your optimal biotherapeutic lead candidate. We can screen for undesirable features and identify desirable substitutions that modify and enhance your protein's properties such as its activity, immunogenicity and stability.

Example programs include: 

  • Deimmunization
  • Fc fusion protein design
  • Half-life extension
  • Manufacturability improvement
  • Removal of high risk post-translational modifications
  • Reduction of aggregation hotspots
  • Improvement of stability

Once variants have been designed, they can be expressed in a program tailored to your specific needs.