Creating an Optimal Pathway from Bench to Clinic

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for tools and techniques to progress your therapeutic candidates from late discovery to the clinic.

Attaining key milestones as fast as possible is critical for small biotechs to make their candidate a success. But the bench-to-clinic journey is complicated and more challenging than ever.


  • Molecules and production processes are getting more complex

  • There’s more competition for funding, so companies need to manage their budgets to hit important milestones

  • Speed is essential in getting your candidate to commercialization successfully

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Learn more about our lifecycle approach to drug development enabling you to simplify supply chains, meet your evolving needs through tailored solutions, and de-risk your development from the start. 

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  • Maximize the future value of your product by de-risking development from the beginning. Making better near term decisions with long term goals in mind

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  • Build tailored solutions to meet cell line development needs that creates an optimal path from gene to clinic

Cell Line Development

  • Take a holistic approach to drug product development

Parenteral Drug Product

With Lonza, you will create an optimal path from gene to clinic by taking a lifecycle approach to drug development—simplifying supply chains, building tailored solutions to meet your evolving needs, and de-risking development from the beginning.