Cell line programs with commercialization and your priorities in mind

Creating cell lines with future manufacturability in mind is of critical importance in the development of biopharmaceuticals.

Choose Lonza for cell line development to benefit from our strong track record:

  • Over 35 years of experience delivering customer projects
  • More than 1300 products has expressed, purified and analyzed during discovery and early development in GS system® 
  • Over 800 cell lines created and taken to GMP manufacture
  • Over 60 commercial products in market expressed using the GS System®
  • Experience beyond standard mAb and is “in line” with the growing global pipeline


Note: Complex proteins are defined as recombinant proteins such as enzymes, bioconjugates, ADCs, fusion proteins, bispecific antibodies or antibody fragments.
Graph source: Citeline Database (2020) & Lonza Pipeline

The combination of host cell line, vector and stringency of selection enables us to provide our customers with high producing cell lines suited to fit a commercially relevant platform process.


What expression system do you choose and who develops your recombinant cell line and upstream process?

Dr Alison Porter, Head of Expression Systems, Lonza explains the choices you have for cell line development and upstream process.

With Lonza you have a choice

  • Do you have your own capability and capacity
  • Do you want to do your own research
  • Do you need external capacity or capability
  • Rely on Lonza to deliver your project

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