Ibex® Design –Speed guaranteed*

Ibex® Design is our fixed price, fastest DNA-to-IND program that minimizes risk and uncertainty from the start, and guarantees to break through three major milestones:

  • 5 months from DNA to TOX drug substance
  • 11 months from DNA to IND/IMPD
  • Minimum 1.5kg GMP drug substance for your phase 1 clinical trials

To further increase predictability, we keep a manufacturing slot reserved for your clinical resupply and offer flexible drug product manufacturing.

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Progress with promise

With Ibex® Design’s 5-month DNA to TOX*  

If you are looking to gain a maximum of information on your drug candidate as early as possible, Ibex® Design delivers tox drug substance in only 5 months so that you can perform toxicological studies before entering GMP manufacturing. This step-by-step development strategy also allows balancing your program’s speed to your funding milestones.

Can your DNA to IND partner promise delivery of your CMC path to IND within 11 months and in budget?

Ibex Design® guarantees* to do just that.

Fixed timings. Fixed quantities. Fixed price. No delays or unexpected extras.

Now, we can offer you the reassurance of your molecule advancing through these early development stages within 11 months. This is how we can be so certain.

We are equipped to support your molecule’s progression by overcoming barriers or finding innovative solutions using advanced and technologies.

*For antibodies. From DNA transfection. Subject to terms and conditions.

Lightpath™ – Finding a stable & commercially viable cell line quickly

The Lightpath™ program is designed around speed, which is achieved in part by screening fewer clones. This option is applicable for mAbs, mAb-derived Protein A binders and Fc-fusion proteins that have a low-risk manufacturability profile. Manufacturability assessment is performed with a rapid in silico evaluation to ensure the molecule is appropriate for this offering. Lightpath™ aimed at rapidly and cost effectively progress your candidates to a stable, commercially viable cell line. Lead cell line candidates can be selected at 12 weeks from transfection.

How to de-risk the process development and manufacturing of multi-chain biotherapeutics?

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Full Scope – Finding the cell line delivering optimal titer and critical product quality attributes

The Full Scope offering is suitable for customers targeting higher titers. For example, products targeting the neurodegenerative disease market will require large quantity of product. We will screen more clones to find the highest titer clone. This program is also suitable for difficult to express proteins. Our Full Scope Cell Line Development service includes comprehensive clone generation and selection with supporting analytics to ensure high yielding cell lines. Lead cell line candidates can be selected at 16 weeks from transfection.

How to address the expression and manufacturing challenges of increasingly complex biologic drugs?

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