Take your product from the clinic to commercialization

Access our 30+ years of experience in microbial fermentation for biopharmaceuticals, including a proven track record of bringing products into clinical trials and to commercialization. Find a comprehensive range of service offerings from strain development through to large scale manufacturing. Backed by state-of-the-art technology and industry-leading expertise, we can help you develop a commercially viable process spanning from pre-clinical development through commercial scale manufacturing.

Our microbial manufacturing scientists are here to help

Our microbial manufacturing professionals are experienced in developing, optimizing and scaling-up microbial fermentation and product isolation processes. Technical experts are involved right from the start of the project and remain involved during process transfer and production. This ensures a smooth transition from the project’s early phase through to commercial scale.

A leader in outsourced microbial-derived drug substances

Over the years, we have become a recognized leader for outsourced microbial-derived drug substances. Our versatile manufacturing facilities for injectable-grade biopharmaceuticals produced in microbial organisms are located in Visp, Switzerland. We work closely and diligently with global regulatory authorities to adhere to current guidelines and best practices.


  • Our pre-clinical to clinical manufacturing services offer scales from 70L to 1000L, and non-GMP pilot scale of 20L. Our state-of-the-art cGMP facilities are located in Visp, Switzerland.

  • Our late clinical to commercial manufacturing services offer scales of 1000L to 15000L. Our bioreactors provide you with the agility to react to changing product demand and readiness for the right commercial scale.

    In determining which scale is most appropriate for your project, we discuss with you the clinical path, product needs and product launch/commercialization strategy. We consider both your mid and long-term needs. Our state-of-the-art cGMP facilities are located in Visp, Switzerland.

    Our regulatory affairs teams have extensive experience with writing  and supporting the  preparation of Module 3  for your BLA/MAA in support of commercialization. We start 4-5 new BLA programs per year. Our proven BLA approach balances different priorities, timelines, risks and provides an overview of the entire program. It ensures the scope of work meets your needs, accelerating your product market readiness and reduces overall project time.

    Our BLA approach is tailored to your needs

    Asset 1

    Step 1

    The Strategy (Defining the Goal)

    Step 2

    Define the Approach (Study Methodology)

    Step 3

    The Risk Assessment (Process Specifics)

    Step 4

    Detailed Build of the Plan

    Step 5

    Project Execution (Execute the Plan)

  • We offer solutions for the entire lifecycle of your product from preclinical to commercial stages, from drug substance to drug product. Depending on the needs of your molecule and your program, we can leverage our network and capabilities to offer the appropriate suite of services. The variety of our offerings provides the flexibility of a complete program - from gene to drug product, or the option to drop in at a later stage depending where you are in your journey.

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