Highly specialized activities are needed to coordinate, package, and distribute clinical supplies to be dispensed to patients in a timely and controlled manner. These include project management, randomization generation, clinical packaging, labeling, blinding, supply-chain logistics, distribution, and destruction. Effective clinical-trial supply management can make the difference between success and a failed trial.

As a comprehensive solutions provider of oral and parenteral-based drug products, we provide services for all of your clinical trial material (CTM) and service needs. An established global depot network is in place consisting of Lonza, World Courier and other depot sites. We provide CTM manufacturing services across a full range of solid oral dosage forms under cGMP conditions, as well as a range of complementary services:

  • Primary and secondary packaging
  • Clinical supplies distribution and logistics
  • Overall clinical-supply project management.

Our US (Tampa, FL) and European (Burton on Trent, UK) sites provide primary and secondary packaging including labeling service and clinical kit assembly.

We provide a global network of depots to support your clinical trials.

Support for your clinical trials

Our packaging capabilities include the following:

  • Blister packaging
  • Patient blister-card production
  • Bottle filling
  • Kit labeling and assembly
  • Assembly of ancillary supply kits
  • Sourcing and procurement of comparator and rescue medications
  • Low-humidity primary rooms

Global distribution and logistics services include:

  • cGMP distribution and temperature-controlled global warehousing
  • Cold-chain storage and distribution
  • Controlled drug warehousing for DEA Schedule I-V drugs

Integrated packing & distribution tailored to your needs


Our flexible business model extends to our clinical packaging and services offer – these services are routinely provided as part of our integrated product development services, but also for CTM manufactured at customer sites.

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