The depth of our bioavailability (BA) enhancement offering makes us a leader in addressing drug solubility and dissolution rate issues. We work collaboratively with our customers to advance compounds, or re-purpose existing compounds, across a full range of API properties and delivery challenges. Our end-to-end solutions incorporate full capabilities in bringing a compound from concept to commercialization, thereby minimizing program complexity, timelines and risk.

Industry estimates indicate that more than 80% of new chemical entities exhibit poor solubility or dissolution rate. Effectively addressing these patients is essential for advancing the compound and providing the desired therapeutic benefit of the drug product to patient. And ensuring that the solubility solution incorporates the ultimate manufacturability of the drug product can avoid time-consuming re-formulation and rapid advancement to market.

We recognize the core challenges of progressing the new chemical entities in today’s biopharmaceutical pipeline. That’s why we have developed a portfolio of technologies and services with which to address poor solubility and inadequate or inconsistent dissolution rate.

Our commitment to our customers includes a 20+ year track record across our technology approaches with phase-appropriate processing in place to support non-GMP feasibility assessments through GMP clinical trials and commercial-scale manufacturing.

Proven bioavailability enhancement technologies

Our bioavailability enhancement technologies include:

  • Particle size reduction: micronization and nano-milling
  • Solid dispersion technologies: hot-melt extrusion or spray drying
  • Lipid / liquid based formulations: liquid-filled hard capsule technology or soft gel approaches  
  • Specialized nanocrystalline dispersion and spray-dried nanoadsorbate technologies

Complementary drug delivery technologies are utilized to modulate pharmacokinetics of the solubilized compound and achieve a full range of absorption profiles.

Our scientists take a data-driven approach to characterizing BA problem statement(s) and selecting the enabling technology to advance your compound.

Our integrated product design and development services provide the full range of capabilities to support the rapid advancement of compounds from concept to clinic. This range of services has been integrated in our SimpliFiH(TM) Solutions offering designed to be phase-appropriate and to simplify your pathway to IND/IMPD studies:

  • API development and supply
  • API characterization
  • Product design and preformulation development
  • Formulation and product development
  • Analytical services and quality control
  • Clinical trial manufacture
  • Clinical packaging and supply services

Additionally, our SimpliFiH® Solutions integrated service package is designed specifically to rapidly advance compounds to first-in-human studies.

Industry estimates indicate that more than 80% of new chemical entities exhibit poor solubility or dissolution rate.

Technologies and products

We have advanced thousands of bioavailability-challenged molecules over a 25+ year history across all enabling technologies

small molecules and intermediates

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