Optimize your therapeutic protein expression with GS Xceed®

The GS Xceed® Expression System is our market-leading CHO based expression technology platform. This robust, fully integrated, scalable system can express a diverse range of biologic drugs. It includes:

  • Host cell lines
  • Vectors
  • Access to optimized GSv9™ media and feeds

GS Xceed’s comprehensive methods and processes have been developed with manufacturability in mind. Part of the system is GS piggyBac® that is helpful when working with complex and difficult to express molecules. You can also get access to POTELLIGENT® CHOK1SV® for the production of recombinant antibodies with enhanced ADCC activity.

The GS®expression platform can help you optimize your therapeutic protein expression

Combining our advanced proprietary technology with our unparalleled expertise, the GS® expression platform can help you optimize your therapeutic protein expression. With the ability to rapidly and reliably generate high-producing cell lines, we can support the optimal expression of monoclonal antibodies and next-generation biologics, helping reduce your time to market.

Get access to our proven and scalable CHO based gene expression system to create a diverse range of biologic drugs

As market demand continues to rise for more potent and effective therapeutics, drug developers are identifying novel disease targets and biological mechanisms for new medicines. As a result, biologic pipelines are developing from standard antibody formats to next-generation biologics.

We have 35 years of experience providing mammalian expression, process development and manufacturing services. Our experience makes us the ideal partner to provide you with a robust and versatile expression system to optimize your production.

The GS Xceed®Gene Expression System

Our market leading GS Gene Expression System®track record now underpins dozens of commercially available products and hundreds of others in clinical trials.

Customer testimonials

This powerful GS platform enabled us to fast-track CMC development from stable cell line generation to non-GMP Tox material supply to GMP clinical manufacturing.

— Dr. Feng Hui, Chief Operation Officer, Junshi Biosciences, China. July 2020

I just wanted to send a specific note of thanks for your early support in getting us the Xceed system – it was truly a differentiator for the program.

— Prof. Trent Munro, Program Director, The University of Queensland, Australia. June 2020

GSv9™ Media and Feeds resulted in ~50% more antibody production. Its preparation demonstrated to be less time-consuming and labor intensive. The GSv9™ Media demonstrated a higher potential for prolonging cell culture for additional day(s).

— Dr Faraz Harsini, Scientist, Xbiotech USA Inc. Sep 2020

Latest research using GS System®

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