In the complex field of protein expression and production, it is important to get the right specialist technical help. The collective expertise of our multi-disciplinary team in protein expression and production processes can support you in getting the most from our industry-leading technologies.

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With over 35 years experience in expression and manufacturing processes, we take pride in working closely with you to understand your challenges and offer practical solutions.

For our GS Xceed® Expression System including GS piggyBac®, our XS Technologies® platform and the POTELLIGENT® CHOK1SV® technology, support from our R&D and bioprocess scientists is only an email away. Our dedicated team is committed to helping you express and commercialize your life-changing therapies.

Expression technologies technical support

We are committed to help you express and scale your product to optimize your commercial potential. Our experts can provide you with detailed technical support to ensure you gain the full benefits from our advanced technology. 

  • Our GS Gene Expression System® supports the optimal expression and production of monoclonal antibodies and next-generation biologics. The complete system includes host cell lines, vectors, access to optimized media and feeds, and process expertise.
  • Our XS Technologies® platform includes Pichia pastoris and Escherichia coli expression systems. With a selection of multi-host systems, we can address a diverse range of molecules.
  • Our POTELLIGENT® CHOK1SV® combines the power of BioWa’s engineered glycosylation Potelligent® Technology with the advantages of our industry leading GS Gene Expression System®, allowing you to optimize the production of recombinant antibodies with enhanced ADCC activity.

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our global footprint in expression technologies

We have a global network of centers of excellence in clinical and commercial manufacturing. Our site in Slough (UK) specializes in mammalian expression and our Visp (Switzerland) site has world-class capabilities for microbial biopharmaceuticals.

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Visp, Switzerland

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