Anc-AAV – an enabling technology for in vivo gene therapy 

With gene therapies transforming human health, the demand for viral vectors has risen to unprecedented levels. Numerous clinical studies have utilized validated Adeno-associated viral vectors (AAV) as effective delivery vehicles for gene transfer. We aim to support you in using these vectors for your gene therapy applications, and can even help select the right capsid for desired properties such as target tissue specificity.

Our Anc-AAV viral vector technology platform can help evaluate multiple parameters of the large and highly diverse Anc-AAV libraries in vivo. This helps you select the best novel capsid for a given target product profile.

Our growing team of scientists brings decades of development experience across a broad spectrum of viral vector and production platforms

Easy access to proprietary novel vectors

We are the exclusive sub-licensing partner for Anc-AAV Technology and vectors discovered by the Vandenberghe Lab (Massachusetts Eye and Ear)

  • Anc80, the lead novel Anc-AAV, is available for sub-licensing under a non-exclusive Research Evaluation Agreement
  • We offer exclusive Commercial License Agreements on a gene product by gene product basis

Anc-AAV (Ancestral AAV)

AAV (Adeno associated virus) is the one of the most popular gene therapy vectors. Anc80L65, or simply “Anc80”, is the initial novel Anc-AAV available from us for commercial sub-licensing. Various rodent and large animal studies have shown Anc80 is a potent gene therapy vector, with higher transduction efficiency and stability in liver, muscle, retina, cochlea, CNS, spine, heart and kidney than naturally occurring serotypes.


our global footprint

Our global network of 4 centers of excellence spans across3 continents. The sites in Pearland, TX (USA) and Geleen/Maastricht (NL) offer a fully integrated range of cell and gene therapy services including process and analytical development, clinical product supply and commercial product supply. Lonza’s sites in Portsmouth, NH (USA) and Singapore (SG) serve both as clinical and commercial manufacturing sites.

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Portsmouth, NH, USA

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