WinKQCL™ 6 Software

Our WinKQCL™ 6 Software offers a fully integrated solution for your quantitative endotoxin detection testing, data management and reporting needs and can be utilized with the various endotoxin test methods:

As experts in digital control systems, we have always embraced data integrity by providing quantitative endotoxin detection systems that are easy to use and help ensure reliable, reproducible, and accurate electronic results in accordance with the strictest regulatory standards.

Our endotoxin detection and analysis software has been one of the first CFR 21 Part 11 solutions, built with a robust framework to satisfy all data integrity needs and requirements. Our WinKQCL™ 6 Software includes the essential components to meet the latest data integrity requirements:

  • Metadata
  • Audit trail and audit trail review
  • Trending
  • User management
  • Archiving

Enterprise Level and IT-specific Features

Our WinKQCL™ Software can be installed as a simple standalone system, or it can interface with multiple robots and readers in multiple labs around the world; all storing data in a single database.

Advance to the Next Level of Efficiency

Introduced this year, the PyroTec™ PRO Automated Robotic Solution is a next generation endotoxin detection platform that automates the error-prone, manual tasks associated with endotoxin testing and improves the overall performance of the QC laboratory.

A new automation module is included in the release of our WinKQCL™ 6 Software. It offers the ability to improve data integrity organically with the capture of new metadata into the enhanced analytical capabilities of our version 6 release.

Fully Supported

Our endotoxin detection instruments and software are fully supported with Installation, Operational and Performance Qualification (IOPQ) manuals. In addition, a trained specialist from Lonza can perform the IOPQ of the complete system to help you with your system validation process. Please inquire with your local sales representative for further details.

Support materials that focus on data integrity and endotoxin testing automation are accessible via our QC Insider™ Toolbox, a suite of online, comprehensive tools designed to support QC professionals who perform the Bacterial Endotoxins Test (BET).

  • White Paper: "Ensuring Data Integrity in the Bacterial Endotoxins Test"
  • Data Integrity FAQs Tech Tip
  • On-demand webinar: "The Importance of Data Integrity for Endotoxin Testing"
  • On-demand webinar, “Streamlining Your QC Testing: Automated Endotoxin Testing and Process Automation”

Subscription is required to access the QC Insider™ Toolbox and is free

Interested to Learn More?

We invite you to get a closer look to see how our WinKQCL™ 6 Software works, how it can optimize your QC processes, improve your workflow and help you ensure compliance in your endotoxin testing.

A demonstration of this feature-rich and easy to use software is available.

You may also request an evaluation copy of the latest version of our WinKQCL™ Software. The WinKQCL™ Software will run fully functional during the evaluation period, and if you decide to purchase the software, no data transferred or generated during your evaluation will be lost.

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WinKQCL™ Software: Technical Features

  • Designed for enterprise environments with wide area network support, ability to work across time zones, application virtualization, Active Directory® integration, data segregation by lab and localization into English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese
  • Robust data integrity solutions meeting 21 CFR Part 11 technical requirements and providing fine grain user access controls, extensive metadata, bidirectional LIMS and MODA™ interfaces, and a SQL Server® backend
  • Advanced analytics and flexibility with interactive trending tools providing actionable results on-demand, helping you easily detect drift and enabling you to make proactive decisions, configurable reports to meet your labs’ needs and assay design features to fit your processes
  • Workflow optimizations with barcode scanning, Kinetic SmartStop™ monitoring feature to establish dynamic end conditions, and integration with PyroTec™ PRO, a fully automated, walkaway endotoxin testing solution for kinetic chromogenic, kinetic turbidimetric, and endpoint fluorescence assays
  • Simultaneous reader control from a single workstation with a wide range of microplate readers including the Lonza PyroWave™ XM Reader, BioTek™ ELx808™, FLx800™, Eon™ and Synergy™ 2 Readers, Molecular Devices® SpectraMax®, Gemini™ and VersaMax™ Readers, and the Tecan® Sunrise™ Reader

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