Upgrade to WinKQCL™ 6 Software

Per the WinKQCL™ license guidelines, support for version 4 ended in November 2017, 6 years following the last patch release for that version. Furthermore, the latest validated Microsoft® operating system for WinKQCL™ Software version 4 is Windows® 7, and Microsoft® will be discontinuing support for their Windows® 7 operating system at the start of 2020.

To migrate to a supported platform, and to ensure compliance with industry guidelines, we are encouraging anyone still using WinKQCL™ 4 Software or Windows® 7 to immediately upgrade to WinKQCL™ Software version 6. All data can be easily migrated into this newer version of our software.

Our WinKQCL™ 6 Software further bolsters data integrity, lab automation and advancements into using our PyroGene™ rFC Assay, the first recombinant test method for endotoxin detection. Lab automation will assist in reducing deviations and alleviate workload for analysts, providing a more robust and scalable endotoxin testing experience.

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Schedule a demonstration of our easy to use WinKQCL™ 6 Software. You may also request an evaluation copy of our latest version that will run fully functional during the evaluation period. If you decide to purchase the software, no data transferred or generated during your evaluation will be lost.

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