The increasing fraction of poorly water-soluble compounds in drug discovery has led to routine use of enabling technology to improve oral drug absorption and bioavailability (BA). Enabling technologies are being utilized to bring new compounds to market as well as repositioning existing compounds in life cycle management strategies.

At Lonza Pharma & Biotech, we appreciate that the choice of an optimal enabling technology can be complex, and therefore utilize a set of overriding principles in our design and development approach:

  • A full understanding of the BA-limiting factors is critical and includes physicochemical and biological challenges
  • The diverse needs of drug compounds cannot be addressed by a single technology
  • Development success, and rapid advancement of a compound, is more probable with matching the compound properties and product needs early in the development process
  • In many cases, more than one technology can be utilized successfully and commercial considerations such as desired dosage format can play a decisive role
  • Speed to clinic and market is best ensured by a focus on manufacturability during product design, thereby reducing the need for reformulation and facilitating rapid scale-up


We employ a proven design and development roadmap approach based on extensive depth in BA enhancement technologies, i.e.

  • A toolkit consisting of key technologies utilized in addressing dissolution rate, solubility and absorption challenges
  • Decades of experience in designing and developing drug products across a myriad of compound and target product profile challenges
  • Proprietary predictive modeling and technology selection methodologies developed through the study and advancement of thousands of compounds
  • Specialized and phase-appropriate equipment designed through extensive process design investment and science of scale studies
  • Incorporation of high containment capabilities for all enabling technologies from lab-scale to commercial-scale production of drug product intermediates

Lonza’s integrated yet flexible offering ensures that we can meet your exact needs from product design through development to clinical and commercial manufacture. With the option of utilizing one partner throughout the drug development process, we can minimize complexity, risk and cost, while ensuring rapid advancement to clinical trials and commercialization.

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