Capsule-in-capsule products utilize liquid-filled hard capsule technology for fixed-dose combinations or to achieve dual drug delivery profiles. Our product development team at Lonza’s Edinburgh, UK Liquid-Filled Hard Capsule Center of Excellence work collaboratively with customers to provide fully integrated services for the design, development and manufacture of these specialized dosage forms.

Liquid-filled hard capsules are usually recognized as a technology for bioavailability enhancement of poorly soluble compounds. They do, however, also offer some significant advantages when developing and manufacturing some challenging highly potent API (HPAPI) into oral dosage forms.

Liquid-filled hard capsules for delivery of highly potent compounds

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proven capsule-in-capsule technology

Our liquid-filled capsule-in-capsule technology–an advancement of our premier liquid-filled hard capsule technology – provides proven capabilities for novel pharmaceutical and nutraceutical line extensions. Using custom-designed filling equipment and specialized liquid-filling techniques, capsule-in-capsule technology allows a prefilled, smaller capsule to be inserted into a larger, liquid-filled capsule. The smaller inner capsule may contain either a liquid, solid or semi-solid formulation and, based on the formulation or product requirements, either or both capsules may be made of gelatin or hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC). They may also be coated, if desired, for additional functionality, such as delayed release, pulsatile release, or targeting of sites like the colon.

Capsule-in-capsule options include:

  • An inner capsule that contains a liquid, semi-solid, powder, or pellets
  • An outer capsule that contains a liquid or semi-solid formulation

We provide fit-for-purpose solutions to meet your target product profile. Our range of technologies for achieving dual release or combination drug delivery include capsule-in-capsule technology, osmotic tablets, bi- and tri-layered matrices and multiparticulates. These specialized products are supported by integrated product development, with processing scaled for pilot studies, clinical trial production and commercial scale.

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