Why the Cocoon® Platform?

Discover the next level in closed and automated cell processing. The Cocoon® Platform streamlines patient-scale cell therapy manufacturing for greater efficiency and reliability. Automated, closed and flexible, this end-to-end cell manufacturing platform gives you increased control over your specific process.

Highly customizable and scalable, the Cocoon® Platform is an integrated turnkey solution ready to use off-the-shelf. If you want full customization, we’ll work with you to tailor it to your unique process. Designed to save time and lower costs, Cocoon® enables you to quickly and efficiently advance your project from pre-clinical through commercial-scale manufacturing. Whether manufacturing in a centralized or decentralized model, our approach to cell therapy manufacturing with the Cocoon® Platform reduces costs and risk, while improving overall product quality.

Witness the next level in personalized medicine

Discover what the Cocoon® can do for you.

Benefits of the Cocoon® Platform

User-friendly software

We work with you to learn your process and customize the Cocoon® Platform to your needs. For users who want control over customization and the ability to make changes on site, Cocoon® software is editable and user-friendly.

Customizable cassette

The Cocoon® Platform works with a single-use, customizable cassette tailored to your product. An operator inserts the cassette into the platform and protocols are performed within the cassette.

Environmental unit

The temperature-controlled environmental unit provides high-quality, reliable results during cell processing and cultivation.

Why work with us

The Cocoon® Platform is built on flexibility. We partner with you to develop an efficient, highly tailored solution that fits your process and keeps your costs under control. From clinical trials through commercial-scale manufacturing, our experienced team will work side-by side with you to create your ideal cell therapy system.

Whether you’re seeking a manufacturing partner, independently running development work or sitting somewhere in between, we will develop a project plan to fit your process.

Why choose us? We’re relentless in helping you develop your product. We offer regulatory support, training courses and a range of service levels to meet your unique needs. We’ll support you every step of the way, and then some.

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