Our Cocoon® Platform is an automated, flexible, and functionally closed system for patient-scale cell therapy manufacturing. The solution provides a scalable, cost-efficient solution to address cell therapy manufacturing bottlenecks.

Traditionally, users compromise flexibility when migrating to a closed, automated system. The Cocoon® Platform bridges this gap via the Cocoon's® single-use, highly customizable cassette. We have significant experience advancing programs from pre-clinical through commercial-scale manufacturing and the Cocoon® Platform adds to these capabilities. Whether searching for a manufacturing partner, independently running development work, or somewhere in between, Lonza and the Cocoon® Platform can create a project plan to fit your process.

Cocoon™ system for patient-scale cell therapy manufacturing

Our Cocoon® Platform provides:

  • End to end manufacturing of cell therapy products with key unit operations, including isolation, activation, transduction/transfection, expansion and harvest
  • Fully enclosed manufacturing with minimal touchpoints
  • Custom cassettes and custom programming to ensure maximum flexibility with your process development
  • Monitoring and control of temperature and gases, pH and DO, with real time feedback and automated intervention
  • Information logging and control with electronic batch records for full product traceability
  • Hands-off cultivations through an integrated 4°C cold chamber that allows for preloading of process reagents
  • Flexibility for pre-clinical scale, with option to move to restricted unit operation for scale up to commercial manufacturing
  • Our support and consulting services for process development, regulatory affairs, and quality assurance

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