Webinar: The future of Cellular Immunotherapy: Highly Automated Precision Medicine

Description: Lonza and Isoplexis discuss the use of the Lonza Cocoon® Platform and IsoPlexis’ IsoLight® in accelerating the development of CAR-T therapies. Dr. Matthew Hewitt, Head of Clinical Development, Personalized Medicine at Lonza, and Dr. Stacey Willard, Director of Product Management at IsoPlexis, discuss the two products and their applications in the world of medicine. Learn about the future of cell therapy, including the ways in which the Cocoon and IsoLight platforms can facilitate great leaps in innovation in the field. In order for research in the field to continue progressing, researchers must build a foundational knowledge of how cell therapies function. The speakers also emphasized the importance of collaboration between complementary technologies such as the Cocoon and the IsoLight, which together enable the highly efficient manufacturing and scaling of cell therapies.

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Webinar: The right time to move to an automated manufacturing system like the Cocoon platform: the when, the why, and the how

During this webinar, we want to take a deeper look into the process development path. We will start from early process development and how this effects the considerations as we move into the clinic and ultimately, into commercial manufacturing. We will discuss how an automated manufacturing platform like the Cocoon can ease tech transfer when adopted in the early stages of development, and ensure you have a scalable solution from pre-clinical to commercial scale manufacturing. Donna Rill from Triumvira Immunologics will also share her manufacturing experience and explain why Triumvira chose to adopt a closed and automated system prior to entering clinical trials.

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Whitepaper: The Cocoon® Platform integrated with the 4D-Nucleofector™

The pharmaceutical industry is increasingly focused on the development of next-generation drug products that allow the targeted delivery of active ingredients with multiple functionalities, increasing both efficacy and safety. Bi- and multispecific antibodies are prime examples of new drug substances with the potential to offer higher potency combined with new mechanisms of action while also reducing the cost and time for drug development.

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Webinar: Flexibility for an automated cell therapy manufacturing platform

Many people think they sacrifice flexibility when moving to an automated and closed cell therapy manufacturing platform. That doesn’t have to be the case with the Lonza Cocoon®. During this webinar, you'll learn that Xyphos Biosciences – an Astellas Company has developed an unique process on the Cocoon® Platform unifying cellular and antibody therapies into a single product. The flexibility of the Cocoon® provided an ideal development environment for this revolutionary therapy.

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