The Lonza ecosystem

The Cocoon® Platform is built on flexibility. Don't have a process in place? No problem. Looking to fit your process to our easily customizable platform? Great. Already in a clinical trial? We can work with you to ensure comparability. We offer a range of options, depending on your needs. Choose from:

An off-the-shelf solution we'll make minor adjustments to, to keep costs low and fit your needs

A product development solution with a basic framework in place

The freedom for full customization

Start with a simple feasibility assessment or move forward with a full package, including a complete body of support services for clinical/commercial manufacturing. Once more, we are here to work with you and stay within your budget.

From clinical trials through commercial-scale manufacturing, we will partner with you to develop an efficient process that's all about you.

Who we are

Most of our customers in cell and gene therapy are small biotechs or started their journey as such and we know they face increasing unpredictability and competitive pressure. With this in mind, we will work together with you to formulate an innovative response to your unique situation and product. And we won't stop there. While keeping your manufacturing costs under control, we will follow a continuous improvement approach as your therapy progresses through the journey to commercialization and your priorities evolve.

Our un-matched experience working with regulatory bodies will help you to navigate the ever-changing regulatory landscape. We have dedicated cell-and-gene-therapy regulatory consultants, along with Quality Control and Assurance Specialists, to support you at each key step of the way.

What we do

Our team aspires to become an extension of your team. We will work side by side with you relentlessly to achieve your next milestone, while keeping your end-goal in mind. We'll run collaborative workshops, send our experts to your sites and host your experts on our sites to enable you to make the right, educated decisions on your process and manufacturing, at the right time. We'll work to develop your perfect cell therapy system within the Cocoon® Platform. Our goal is to create an efficient, highly tailored solution that fits your process and keeps your costs under control.

We have a defined model to ensure successful manufacturability and a clear path to clinical/commercial when introducing new projects. Our 3- step approach provides continuous support throughout the product lifecycle:

Asset 1
Asset 2
Asset 3
Asset 2
Asset 5

Diagnose to de-risk, establish the baseline process, identify the major manufacturability gaps and come up with the scope of development activities.

Develop and industrialize the process based on the manufacturing design specifications and critical quality attributes.

Deliver to GMP with a clear focus on transferring the manufacturing process into cell therapy suites to start GMP manufacturing.

We recognize the need for speed and aim to deliver materials on time, while focusing on building the necessary maturity into the process required for the future.

Why work with us?

We’re dedicated to helping you develop your awesome product. We also have the know-how to do it. Let's get started.

Access to world-class experts and 20+ years of cell and gene therapy manufacturing expertise.

State-of-the-art facilities across three continents—North America, Europe and Asia.

Holistic development strategy with the end in mind.

Experience with various scale-up/out methods, platforms, tools and technologies.

Integrated development and manufacturing capabilities under one system.

Flexibility to address the needs of small or large companies.

Regulatory support and quality assurance.