We are an established leader in both the modulation of pharmacokinetics to achieve tailored modified or targeted delivery, and in the application of specialized liquid-filled hard capsule technology. Colonic drug delivery is historically utilized to treat colon-specific diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, but is also increasingly explored for other therapeutic applications, taking advantage of the colon’s extensive absorptive surface area.

We combine our expertise in encapsulation and targeted delivery to the gastro-intestinal track to achieve effective colonic delivery. The utilization of liquid-filled hard capsule technology in targeting the colon has received increased attention for the treatment of colon-specific and other indications. We provide integrated service options for colonic drug delivery, inclusive of API and finished liquid-filled hard capsule drug product development and manufacturing.

Colonic Delivery Expertise

In addition to the traditional formulation approaches in reaching the colon, e.g. pH-triggered coating for spray-layered and other multiparticuate technologies, we utilize specialized coatings and techniques for liquid-filled hard capsules to effective reach the colon:

  • Timed Release: the dosage form releases the drug at a specific time after ingestion. 
  • pH-Triggered Release: drug release is triggered by the pH increase formulations encounter when traveling through the GI tract. 
  • Enzymatic Triggered Release: starch-based coatings are used that are resistant to digestion in the stomach and small intestine but are degraded by microbial enzymes once the dosage form reaches the colon.

One of the challenges to successful colonic delivery is the relatively small amount of water available for dissolution of dosage forms in the colon. The combination of reliable targeting technology and the delivery of drugs in a liquid dosage form can provide an optimal approach for colonic delivery.  

We have successfully used these colonic-delivery formulations in liquid fill format for a number of development projects, progressing formulations into preclinical and clinical studies. 

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