We are an established leader in both the modulation of pharmacokinetics to achieve tailored modified or targeted delivery, utilizing monolithic or multiparticulate oral dose forms. Multiparticulate approaches offer advantages for targeted delivery in terms of gut distribution. Colonic drug delivery is historically utilized to treat colon-specific diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, but is also increasingly explored for other therapeutic applications, taking advantage of the colon’s extensive absorptive surface area.

We combine our expertise in encapsulation and targeted delivery to the gastro-intestinal track to achieve effective colonic delivery. Functionally coated multiparticulates designed for drug release at pH 6.8 – 7.2 is a proven approach for targeting the colon. We provide integrated service options for colonic drug delivery, inclusive of API, functionally coated multiparticulates (drug layered inert beads or coated matrix formats, inclusive of lipid multiparticulate approaches), and encapsulation.

Functionally coated multiparticulates are a proven approach for effective drug delivery to the colon.

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