Light Path™ Discovery Protein Production is our streamlined service for small-scale, non-GMP production of proteins and monoclonal antibodies. Offerings include both mammalian and microbial expression technologies with research access to our systems, and no license fee while work is performed at a Lonza facility. Our Discovery Services can provide mg to gram quantities of non-GMP product for your discovery through early development stage needs.

Mammalian Discovery Service Includes:

  • Expression: GS Xceed® System
  • Host Cell Line: CHO
  • Purification: Affinity, Ion Exchange, Size exclusion
  • Product Assessment: SDS-PAGE, SE-HPLC, icIEF, Western Blot, and Endotoxin, as applicable
  • Timeline: approx. 4-12 weeks post gene synthesis
  • Non-GMP product: approx. 0.5 mg to 5g (project dependent) or clarified supernatant

Microbial Discovery Service Includes:

  • Expression: XS™ System
  • Host Strain: Sugar inducible E. coli
  • Expression of tagged or untagged native proteins
  • Purification: Affinity chromatography to purify tagged proteins
  • Product Assessment: SDS-PAGE, SE-HPLC, icIEF and Western Blot, as applicable
  • Timeline: approx. 4-8 weeks post gene synthesis
  • Non-GMP product: approx. 10 - 250 mg

Light Path™ Mammalian and Microbial Discovery Protein Production Services can provide you with sufficient material to facilitate the selection and ranking of lead candidates from discovery phase manufacturability and safety assessments to preliminary in vivo functional studies.


Discovery Light Path Production Services Diagram