Characterize the immune response

The isolation and cryopreservation of high quality cells during clinical trials is crucial for the subsequent characterization of the immune response. PBMC and subsets of immune cells need to be isolated from whole blood and frozen as quickly and as consistently as possible after withdrawal from the patient. Lonza has experience serving as a central lab for multi-center clinical trials providing rapid and consistent banking of patient cells for subsequent ex vivo assessment.

PBMC Banking

  • All necessary ethical documents and HTA (Human Tissue Authority) license in place for the storage of human tissue for research use
  • Dedicated laboratory areas for the processing and cryopreservation of patient samples
  • Controlled rate freezing of cells providing high viability and functionality post-thaw
  • Full traceability and electronic tracking of all samples
  • Possibility to optimize the process depending on the intended use of the samples
  • Potential for both standard and customized bioassay development for analysis of the clinical samples