Monitor the activation of the immune system

Analysis of T cell responses is a frequently used tool to monitor the activation of the immune system.The Epibase® in vitro T cell assays take into account multiple components of the vaccine, including the protein component and also other factors that may contribute to immunogenicity, such as adjuvants. All Epibase® in vitro assays can be performed on virus particles, whole proteins, protein complexes, small molecules, peptides and peptide pools to support the development of vaccines. Additionally, these assays can be used to monitor and characterize the immune response during clinical trials.

T Cell Assay Formats

  • Assays to detect memory T cell responses using PBMC-based assays with a flow cytometry and/or FluoroSpot readout to assess CD4+ and/or CD8+ T cell activation
  • Memory assays can use donor PBMC or samples from clinical trials
  • Highly sensitive DC:CD4 and DC:CD8 re-stimulation assays to assess the naive T cell response using multi-color FluoroSpot readouts of T cell activation (IFNγ/IL-5 and IFNγ/Granzyme B readouts respectively)
  • Large cytokine/chemokine panels using Luminex® to further characterize the T cell response