Light Path™ Protein Production

Get to the clinic faster without increasing risk

At Lonza, we understand the challenges facing biotherapeutic protein and vaccine manufacturers related to the time and costs inherent in the drug discovery and development process. Light Path™ Protein Production Services are efficient, focused technology and production offerings for biotherapeutic proteins and vaccines. Light Path™ services allow you to leverage our industry-accepted mammalian and microbial expression platforms, that have met with consistent regulatory approval, to help you meet your Preclinical and Phase I manufacturing needs in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

The focused offerings of the Light Path™ Protein Production Services can help reduce the time to the clinic. 

Light Path™ Services include:

  • Gene to non-GMP production services
  • Offerings for both mammalian and microbial expressed proteins and antibodies
  • Technology access at a Lonza facility without research license fees
  • Protein production for manufacturability, safety and efficacy testing
  • Services for a wide range of biotherapeutic and vaccine candidates 
"We have been working with Lonza on several antibody formats using different expression systems. The results of these studies in terms of quality and speed did meet our expectations and proved Lonza to be a professional organization for complex biologics. The scope of what they can offer and their project management support matches the requirements that we are looking for in a CMO partner". - Ton Adang PhD, Chief Development Officer
  • Light Path™ Host Screening is a customized service to accelerate the selection of the optimal expression host system for your protein of interest. Our Host Screening service allows you to make an informed decision regarding which expression system is best suited for your protein production without the added cost of license fees.

    As a host screen customer, your molecule will be expressed in both our Mammalian GS Xceed® and Microbial XS® Expression Systems at our process development centers. The use of production-ready cell lines provides future cost and time advantages when you are ready to manufacture batches for immunogenicity, safety, efficacy and other Preclinical and Phase I needs.

    Light Path™ Host Screening provides rapid identification of your best option, in terms of protein quality, purity and yield, for successful protein expression. Quick expression system identification will allow you to move with ease into small-scale manufacturing with our Light Path™ Discovery Protein Production Service.


  • Light Path™ Discovery Protein Production is Lonza's streamlined service for small-scale, non-GMP production of proteins and monoclonal antibodies. Offerings include both mammalian and microbial expression technologies with research access to our systems with no license fee while work is performed at one of our facilities. Our Discovery Services can provide mg to gram quantities of non-GMP product for your discovery through early development stage needs.

    Mammalian Discovery Service Includes:
    • Expression:GS Xceed® System
    • Host Cell Line: CHO
    • Purification: Protein A or G to purify antibodies, affinity or other options available
    • Product Assessment: SDS-PAGE, HPLC, Western Blot, and Endotoxin, as applicable
    • Timeline: approx. 4-12 weeks post gene synthesis
    • Non-GMP product: 10mg - 2g or clarified supernatant

    New Offer: Guaranteed Antibody Production Includes
    • Guaranteed 2 grams (non-GMP) delivered in 6 weeks
    • IgG1,2 and 4, human, humanized, Chimeric antibodies
    • Protein A purified antibody

    Microbial Discovery Service Includes:
    • Expression: XS® System
    • Host Strains: Sugar inducible E. coli and Glucose regulated Pichia pastoris
    • Expression of tagged or untagged native proteins
    • Purification: Affinity chromatography to purify tagged proteins
    • Product Assessment: SDS-PAGE, SE-HPLC, icIEF and Western Blot, as applicable
    • Timeline: approx. 4-8 weeks post gene synthesis
    • Non-GMP product: approx. 10 - 250 mg

    Light Path™ Mammalian and Microbial Discovery Protein Production Services can provide you with sufficient material to facilitate the selection and ranking of lead candidates from discovery phase manufacturability and safety assessments to preliminary in vivo functional studies.