Complexity solved with high productivity and robust processes with XS Technologies® expression toolbox

Diversity of biotherapeutics requires a toolbox approach for expression options. XS Technologies® (including the XS® Pichia and E.coli Expression Systems) is an extensive expression toolbox that allows you to go to your lab with Lonza’s support where you need the most. It is the same highly productive and scalable platform we use for our in-house services, so you can be confident in its ability to enable high-yielding processes for a wide variety of molecules.

If you are new to microbial platforms for protein expression, be assured that our technical experts can help you optimize your strategy, balancing risks while ensuring your processes meet regulatory requirements. A simple host-screening and support from our technical team will help you choose which system would work best for your molecule.

We routinely see productivities of up to 20 g/L for less complex therapeutic proteins, above 5 g/L for novel scaffolds and up to 600 mg/L for pDNA using microbial expression systems

XS®Pichia Expression System

Lonza’s XS® Pichia Expression System is the best in class for complex, non-glycosylated protein production. Its features include:

  • Bacteria-like short fermentation time
  • Simple and fast strain development
  • Methanol-free fermentation
  • No viral clearance required
  • Highly pure product
  • Protein secretion
  • No endotoxin
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XS®E.coli Expression System

E. coli is one of the most trusted and established organisms for the expression of simple to moderately complex biologics. Its features include:

  • Reduced antibiotic requirements
  • Simpler downstream processes
  • Robust upstream processes
  • Tunable expression
  • Easy scalability
  • High titers
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Easy access to powerful and proven technologies

We focus on supporting your research and development challenges, with commercial production in mind, working with you to achieve your ultimate goal. Easily bring the XS Technologies® toolbox into your labs with a Research Evaluation License. Please contact us for more details. 


Lonza's XS Pichia Expression System

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Lonza’s XS Technologies Microbial Platform

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