Improved productivity and speed with robust processes

The market in biologics drugs is growing at an unprecedented pace, bringing with it a raft of new opportunities. In order to gain a competitive edge, drug developers need access to efficient expression systems with the capacity to rapidly increase production as needs develop. However, it can be a challenge to commercialize microbial processes. 

Our XS Technologies® provide an extensive microbial expression toolbox to help you overcome these challenges and meet your needs. With access to our highly productive and scalable platforms, you can develop high-yielding processes for a wide variety of molecules. Our technical experts can help you to optimize your strategy by balancing risks against opportunities, while ensuring your processes meet regulatory requirements. 

The versatile XS Technologies® platform includes Pichia pastoris and Escherichia coli expression systems. Depending on your needs, you can access our technologies via our services or use our XS Technologies® microbial platform in your own laboratory under license. We work closely with our customers to continually improve our systems to ensure our platforms address your evolving needs. 

Scalable Protein Expression with Pichia pastoris – optimising expression for the highest protein yield

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XS Technologies® for microbial expression

With our portfolio of well-established proprietary technologies and advanced expression options, we can help you develop efficient, scalable and regulatory-compliant processes. Our technical experts can help you navigate the options, balancing risks and market opportunities. By enabling the rapid and reliable creation of high-yielding strains, we can help to reduce your timelines.

In our laboratories, we routinely see productivities of up to 20 g/L for less complex therapeutic proteins, above 5 g/L for novel scaffolds and up to 600 mg/L for pDNA.

With our XS® Pichia Expression Systems, effective high-throughput screening ensures the identification of high-performing strains.

The XS® Toolbox has complementary options to meet all your expression needs

XS Technologies® Toolbox
Glucose Regulated
Pichia 2.0
Host strains
Signal sequences
Integration sites
Helper factors

Easy access to powerful and proven technologies

We focus on your research challenges, working together with you to achieve your ultimate goal. Our service packages and licensing agreements give you access to the extensive XS Technologies® toolbox, developed with manufacturability in mind. We can provide appropriate documentation to facilitate regulatory approval.

Our platforms are available for third-party use under a research license or commercial license.

  • You can gain easy access to the XS Technologies® platform under a Research Evaluation agreement (REA), allowing you to use the system in your own laboratory to generate strains that express your desired protein
  • Once your product has progressed to clinical filing you will need a Commercial License (single or multi-product)

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