The 7th annual HPAPI Summit will bring together perspectives from every stage of the drug development value chain – from bench to point of outsource – providing you with a unified outlook on the latest developments in highly potent compound development.

Requirements for fully integrated service-offerings in a HPAPI and cytotoxic environment

Thursday, June 21, 9:30 AM | Maurits Janssen – Head of Commercial Development, Lonza Pharma & Biotech

Drug product development for highly potent APIs (HPAPIs) can be challenging.  Complications with the interface between operations in drug substance and drug product handling can result in increased program complexity and cost.  In this presentation, we will discuss best practices for highly potent compounds and infrastructure requirements that can facilitate development and accelerate timelines to clinic and market:

  • CASE STUDY: the development, rapid scaling and commercial production of HPAPI drug substance
  • Integrated  containment requirements for particle engineering and drug product

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Maurits Janssen is senior Director, Head of Commercial Development for the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Business Unit at Lonza.

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