Corvus – a mAb targeting oncology and immune disorders

Corvus is a small biotech developing precision medicines, primarily for oncology patients. It came to Lonza seeking to develop a monoclonal antibody called CPI06, now known as Mupadolimab. This inhibits the production of adenosine in the tumor microenvironment and has an agonistic effect on B cells.

When considering CDMOs for CPI06, Corvus was aware of Lonza’s platform methodology, custom built for mAbs, and its track record commercializing antibodies. Lonza welcomed Corvus and demonstrated flexibility taking on the project by starting work with available capacity in Singapore and then transferring to Slough, UK. Multiple consistent batches were manufactured, and the product is currently in clinical trials with CMC work simultaneously taking place to provide a good regulatory platform with a goal for commercialization.

Learn more about Corvus’ experience with Lonza from its SVP of Pharmaceutical Development, William B. Jones

Levicept – a complex protein targeting osteoarthritis

While at a Big Pharma, Simon Westbrook had an idea for a complex fusion chimera protein he believed could interrupt the neurotrophin pathway and have a profound impact on chronic pain and joint degeneration in osteoarthritis patients. He formed Levicept to develop this idea and being a true virtual company, he needed a CDMO. By his own admission, he was looking to work with the best.

After a consultant recommended working with Lonza early on, Simon bonded with Lonza’s scientists in Cambridge, UK as they worked together on coupling the extracellular domain to an IGGFC. With this being such a complex protein, flexibility was required in the process and a lot was learned along the way. The molecule demonstrated the differentiating efficacy Simon was looking for, and is now in Phase II.

Learn more about Levicept’s journey with Lonza from Founder & CEO, Simon Westbrook