In our extensive contract development and manufacturing services we use advanced technologies to quickly and efficiently deliver high-quality biopharmaceuticals such as monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins.

A step forward for biopharmaceutical services

The growing promise of biopharmaceuticals opens up significant commercial opportunities for drug developers. At the same time, it also increases the pressure to rapidly bring candidates to the clinic and products to market. A key challenge influencing this process is the need to maintain high productivity and reproducibility as you move from the research phase into clinical and commercial manufacturing. A successful outcome will often require significant technical expertise and advanced manufacturing technologies.

Lonza can help you overcome this challenge. With decades of experience in mammalian cell culture, we offer a wide range of contract R&D and manufacturing services. Our services span from vector construction and cell line development to process development, process optimization, and manufacture from small to large scale. We use industry-leading technologies, such as the GS Gene Expression System® which is familiar to many regulatory agencies. These expression technologies enable the production of high-quality cGMP products in a time- and cost-effective way. This can improve speed to the clinic or market while helping to reduce the costs and delays associated with low yields and poor batch quality.

We work effectively with customers of all sizes, from start-ups to large biotechs and international pharmaceutical companies, and can tailor our products and services to your specific needs.

High-quality biopharmaceutical services

We provide a full range of services to suit your development and manufacturing needs and will collaborate closely with you to tailor our support based on your objectives. Whether you would like to work together on a complete development program or a specific subset of individual work packages, we have the expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Advanced products & technologies

Our team offers access to advanced development technologies, built to deliver high-quality, safe products in a rapid and cost-effective way. We also continually invest in our technologies and infrastructure, to ensure we can meet your evolving needs, today and tomorrow.

A global network of biopharmaceutical sites

We produce mammalian derived biopharmaceuticals in five highly advanced cGMP multi-product facilities, in a global network of centers of excellence that spans three continents.

Our Portsmouth, NH (US) facility has been designed specifically for the production of therapeutic proteins derived from mammalian cell culture. In 2020, a new 6,000L mammalian suite, designed to manufacture next-generation molecules, is expected to be operational in Portsmouth.

In Porriño, Spain, we specialize in the custom manufacture of recombinant proteins. Our facility in Tuas, Singapore offers the full breadth of mammalian development and manufacturing services, from DNA to commercial cGMP products.

Our Slough, UK site is the center of excellence for preclinical to clinical development and manufacture of mammalian derived biotherapeutics. The newest addition to our manufacturing network is in Hayward, CA (US) - a site focused on clinical production of therapeutic proteins. In 2020, Lonza envisages that a new mammalian site will be operational in Guangzhou, China that will provide development and manufacturing services for early to late clinical and early commercial projects.

Ibex™ Solutions

Our Lonza biopark in Visp, Switzerland, is the home of our Ibex™ Solutions offering. Here we provide biologics product lifecycle management in one site. From preclinical through to clinical and commercial stages, from drug substance to drug product, Ibex™ Solutions gives you an agile advantage.

Cell and Gene Therapy

We have established four Centers of Excellence for Cell and Gene Therapy on three continents to support and accelerate the growth of these innovative therapies. Our scientists and engineers have decades of experience across a broad spectrum of cell and viral vector types, forming the backbone of an extensive service offering that includes tailored process and analytical development, cGMP manufacturing and regulatory services. Click here for more information.

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