Support for drug discovery activities with a wide range of bioconjugation technologies from antibody design to sample panel preparation

We have experience with a wide range of bioconjugation technologies. We can perform the cell line construction/strain development, GMP cell banking for your antibody along with the payload and linker manufacturing. We can prepare ADC sample panel to support your drug discovery activities. We can perform in silico and cell based immunogenicity testing on naked antibodies. We can test the naked mAb for aggregation propensity and re-engineer your mAb for site selective conjugation and reduced aggregation.

We are able to offer options to help deliver your product quickly and efficiently for pre-clinical studies. Our streamlined ADC Easy Access program can offer:

  • Preparation of ADC sample panels using a variety of client specified drug-linkers
  • Lab facilities and equipment for milligram-and gram-scale experiments
  • Ability to address various R&D phases based on customer needs
As the industry moves from first generation stochastic conjugation to site-specific conjugation technology, Lonza has developed its own GS® site-specific conjugation constant region vectors. This technology addresses the challenges associated with heterogeneous isoforms observed when performing stochastic conjugation. We have the knowledge in antibody engineering to help find the best possible solution for your program.

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Our GS Gene Expression System® has options to engineer and express conjugation-competent antibodies. Applications include antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), half-life extension and imaging.

Unlike other contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs), we are in the unique position to offer complete development and manufacturing services from both mammalian cell culture and advanced chemical synthesis for the production of Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs). From process development to manufacturing scale-up, we are proud to offer more ways than ever to deliver your product.

We have 10 years in ADC development and manufacture.