Microbial fermentation excellence

As a leading development and manufacturing service provider, we strive to match your requirements with a complete line of service offerings from strain development through to large scale manufacturing. We have over 30 years of experience in microbial fermentation for biopharmaceuticals, including a proven track record of bringing products to BLA or sBLA.

With our state-of-the-art technology and industry-leading expertise, we have developed an unparalleled track record in establishing high quality, commercially viable processes, spanning from pre-clinical development through commercial-scale manufacturing.

The nature of drug development can be very dynamic; we are agile and adjust our project plans to work with you as your needs change. Our approach is based on teamwork and knowledge sharing while working with our customers to define a tailored solution for each project.


Get access to our technologies 

We have extensive experience with microbial processes using advanced engineering and process development capabilities. Our toolbox contains well-established technologies for efficient, scalable and regulatory compliant processes. You can get access to our technologies via our service offerings or explore our XS Technologies® in your labs under license.

In our microbial Center of Excellence in Visp, Switzerland, development and manufacturing teams work in close collaboration to facilitate seamless transitions between project phases. Each project is assigned a dedicated Project Manager, which means a single point of contact for you.




In our 30+ years of experience in microbial biopharmaceuticals we have worked with more than 3,000 individual microbial strains, with productivities of up to 20g/L.

Microbial Brochure

Let us show you how our experience can support fast timelines to the clinic or the market.

Phase appropriate services

Our development services reduce R&D costs while improving productivity which is essential to provide safe and effective treatment to patients. Our manufacturing capabilities provide product with correct quantity and quality to meet your clinical or commercial needs.

Ibex™ Solutions

Ibex™ Solutions has been developed as a response to this dynamic market and your evolving needs. To help you take your drug candidates to clinics and market quickly. To streamline your supply. To increase predictability and manage risk. The services in Ibex™ Solutions give you the flexibility you need to deal with uncertainty, at every stage.

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Our proprietary discovery and expression technologies are developed by a team of technical experts who have over 20 years of experience focused on clinical success. We are continuously developing new technical solutions to enable you to improve the safety of your drug candidate.

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