Customized API development and manufacturing services

We are an industry-leading integrated development and manufacturing service provider for small molecule drug substances and their intermediates.

Chemistry is core to us. Our track record in route scouting, developing and manufacturing API and intermediates extends back to the genesis of contract development and manufacturing. Thousands of compounds have been successfully developed and progressed by our R&D, process development and manufacturing teams. Many of these molecules have been scaled under accelerated timelines to meet program objectives. 

We recognize that chemical synthesis accounts for the majority of the drugs on the market today, as well as in the drug development pipeline. And we recognize that today’s drug compound candidates are increasingly complex, with many API candidates requiring specialized handling and protocols.  That’s why we offer flexible API development and manufacturing services, inclusive of solid form selection and particle engineering, to meet target product profiles across a wide range of chemical synthesis.

We also appreciate that every drug program is different and our customers require more agility and adaptiveness than ever before. We continue to meet the challenges of phase-appropriate drug substance manufacturing through our investments in world-class infrastructure, technologies and teams to support your small molecule needs from proof of concept through commercialization.

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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient manufacturing

We have an established history and ongoing service programs with the full range of customers from virtual companies to big pharma. Our development and manufacturing services for APIs routinely support:

  • drug substances requiring advanced synthesis expertise and process development
  • late phase clinical programs requiring the scale and expertise provided by Lonza for rapid API commercialization
  • highly potent compounds requiring our specialized infrastructure and handling capabilities
  • ADC payloads with the option of integrated services inclusive of monoclonal antibodies, inkers and conjugation services.  

Phase-appropriate assets support all phases of drug substance development and supply.

Integrated Drug Product Services

Fully integrated services are in place to meet all of the development and manufacturing needs for drug substances and advanced intermediates:

API Manufacturing Technologies

We have supported more than 30% of recent small molecule launches with priority designations.

small molecules and intermediates

World class, extensive infrastructure is in place at our Visp, Switzerland and Nansha, China facilities to ensure fit-for-purpose supply to a global customer base. Phase-appropriate assets support all phases of drug substance and manufacturing development, and a focus on manufacturability ensures that our processes are rapidly scalable.

Visp, Switzerland

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