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ADC payload development and manufacturing services

Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) act by directly targeting and then killing selected cells, affecting both the growth and behavior of cells. ADCs are typically used  to treat unwanted malignancies and tumors but are also being developed for use in a number of other therapeutic areas. They represent one of the fastest growing segments of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

While antibody-drug conjugates have widespread treatment potential, the successful and safe manufacturing of these highly potent drugs requires a highly skilled team of experts and well-controlled manufacturing facilities. ADCs consist of three parts: an antibody specific to the target associated antigen, a payload designed to kill target cancer cells, and a chemical linker to attach the payload to the antibody.

We have leading capabilities and expertise in development across the ADC components: antibodies, payloads, bioconjugation and sterile fill/finish. This integrated capability for the development and manufacture of ADC products can accelerate program timelines and reduce program complexity, resource requirements and risk.

We offer integrated development and manufacturing services across the ADC components: antibodies, payloads, bioconjugation and sterile fill / finish.


We offer integrated development and manufacturing services across the ADC components: antibodies, payloads, bioconjugation and sterile fill / finish.

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Tailored services to fit your specific ADC payload program

We currently operate GMP production suites for gram-scale ADC payload production and multi-kilogram-scale production capacity at our site in Visp, Switzerland. End-to-end service programs can be readily arranged to meet your program needs. Key aspects of our ADC payload service offer include:

  • cGMP laboratory suites
  • Advanced ADC synthesis across a range of chemical technologies
  • Validated cleaning procedures and OEL levels of 100ng- 1ng 
  • Dedicated facilities and staff for processing in isolators, big bag handling, clean room manufacturing 
  • Development and manufacture for gram-scale and multi-kilogram scale
  • Regulatory support services

Experts in Antibody-Drug Conjugate Components

Our customers can leverage our unique infrastructure for ADC payloads and overall ADC capabilities to avoid extra investment in expertise, assets and infrastructure required to work with these very highly potent applications.  Flexible business models can be discussed and agreed upon to ensure supply secure arrangements that meet individual needs for antibody drug conjugate customers and programs.

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