Fully integrated system components

The GS Xceed® Expression System is our market-leading expression technology platform. The robust, fully integrated, scalable system can express a diverse range of biologic drugs. Our unparalleled track record leverages the benefits of GS Xceed®, to successfully take programs from gene through cell line construction to commercial product.

Combining our advanced proprietary technology with our unparalleled expertise, the GS Xceed® expression platform can help you optimize your therapeutic protein expression. With the ability to rapidly and reliably generate high-producing cells lines, we can support the optimal expression of monoclonal antibodies and next-generation biologics, helping reduce your time to market. We also provide appropriate documentation to facilitate regulatory approval.

The GS System® includes host cell line, a range of vectors, access to optimized media and feeds and detailed system know-how. The system provides a fully integrated package to address your needs, developed with manufacturability in mind.

GS Expression System®
• Universal base vectors
• IgG constant region vectors
• IgG site-specific conjugation vectors
• pXC Multigene vectors
• GS piggyBac™ vectors (+transposase)
Host cell lines
• GS Xceed® CHOK1SV GS-KO®
Media, Feeds and Assays
• Cell culture media
• Production media
• Production feeds
• Assays and kits
Process | Know-how
• Vector construction
• Cell line development
• Platform processes/process development
• Process transfer and optimsation
• Process characterization
• Technical Support
Our market-leading GS Gene Expression System® now underpins dozens of commercially available products and hundreds of others in clinical trials.

Customer testimonials

GSv9™ Media and Feeds resulted in ~50% more antibody production. It maintained pH better than V8 and required almost no HCO3 adjustments. Both media resulted in mABs with similar characteristics. Preparation for GSv9™ Media and Feeds demonstrated to be less time-consuming and labor intensive. The GSv9™ Media demonstrated a higher potential for prolonging cell culture for additional days.

— Dr Faraz Harsini, Scientist, Xbiotech USA Inc.

The GS Gene Expression System® by Lonza produces a cell culture comparable in titer and profile as the competitor. However, the GS Gene Expression System® produces a monoclonal antibody with a preferable charge isoform profile. This results in a reduced aggregate concentrations and an improved overall yield.

— Dr Sushma Shivaswamy, CSO, Xbiotech USA Inc.


Helping you develop biotherapeutics as quickly and reliably as possible

At Lonza, we are committed to continuous technology advancements and have built on decades of expertise to develop GS Xceed®. This market-leading, versatile platform includes our proprietary CHOK1SV® GS-KO® cell line and produces high product titers in a robust, chemically defined, animal component free (CDACF) environment.

We routinely see productivities in our laboratories of up to 6.0g/L for monoclonal antibodies, Fc fragments and fusion proteins, and up to 4.2g/L for more complex glycoproteins.

GS Xceed® expression system is built on over 35 years of mammalian expression, process development services and technical/manufacturing know-how. With this foundation you can be confident that we will deliver sustainable value to you.

  • Our proven track record underpins hundreds of products in clinical trials and dozens of commercial products, so you can have high confidence in the breadth and depth of our expertise
  • Our expression system is portable* with proven scalability, both in Lonza’s hands and in the hands of our customers
  • This proven, established platform has high regulatory acceptance and is familiar to large pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, enabling you to de-risk partnering your biologics program.

Easy access to powerful and proven technology

We focus on your research challenge with your ultimate goal in mind. Our service packages and licensing agreements give you access to the GS Xceed® Toolbox, which you can use to meet your specific needs. You can choose to benefit from our in-house services or opt for third-party use under a research license or commercial license.

  • You can easily gain access to the GS Xceed® System under a Research Evaluation agreement (REA), allowing you to use the system in your own laboratory to generate unlimited numbers of cell lines that express your desired protein*.
  • Once your product has progressed to clinical filing you will need a Commercial License (single or multi-product).

*Subject to the terms and conditions of the license agreement