Moving personalized medicine forward

Welcome to the future of personalized medicine. Our Cocoon® Platform is a closed, automated system for patient-scale cell therapy manufacturing. Highly customizable and scalable, it integrates multiple steps and streamlines cell processing workflows from formulation to final product.

With Cocoon®, you get a customized cell therapy process that automates steps in a closed system. Protocols including isolation, activation, transduction/transfection, expansion and harvest occur in a climate controlled, validated cell manufacturing system.

An end-to-end cell manufacturing platform with minimal touchpoints, Cocoon® is a complete solution that increases the reliability and repeatability of each step. It provides centralized or decentralized manufacturing at the point of care—or a mixture of both. Flexibility is key. The result is fewer operators, eliminating the risk of human error from your process and improving overall product quality.

Why we're different

With the Cocoon® Platform, we’ve developed a highly scalable, cost-effective solution that reduces overall manufacturing costs related to labor and facilities. The platform is:

Closed and automated to improve product quality and process efficiency

Easily customized to your specific process

Scales across all phases of production

Tailored to your budget, space and project needs

Designed to minimize touchpoints and expensive clean room space requirements

We partner with you and provide support every step of the way. Whatever you project needs, we can enable you to create the process that will get you there.

Full automation

The Cocoon® platform uses a closed, single-use, cassette-system that is suitable for both adherent and suspension cell culture. The goal is to minimize touchpoints, so we work with you to integrate every process step for an automated workflow. These include:

Sample and reagent loading

Magnetic separation


Transduction through viral vector

Or transfection


Final formulation

Customizable cassettes

Cocoon® maximizes process flexibility with single-use, highly customizable cassettes tailored to your product. The system operator inserts a disposable cassette into the Cocoon® platform. Protocols are then performed within the cassette, based on your pre-set programming. The result is customized cell processing in a secure, closed system.

Each cassette:

Is process specific for adherent/suspension cells.

Has an integrated cold chamber for internalizing process reagents and consumables.

Is appropriate for lentiviral and gamma-retroviral transduction processes as well as transfection with integration to the Lonza Nucelofector® LV.

Easily scale the Cocoon® Platform to your project space and budget. You can customize the system from a single benchtop unit into a larger cocoon tree with multiple cocoons. The result is a scalable solution from clinical trials through to commercial-scale manufacturing that uses the same versatile platform.

User-friendly software

We designed the Cocoon® Platform interface and software to make work easier. Our software is editable for easy customization on site.

Key features include:

Easy-to-use interface elements including a touchscreen and drag and drop process setup

Flexible programming and in-process monitoring

The software:

Monitors and controls temperatures and gases

Displays protocol design/controls flow pathways

Monitors pH/DO and automatically adjusts the process in real-time using biofeedback

Delivers information logging/electronic batch records (21CFR Part 11 compliant)

Provides full sample and product traceability

A focus on flexibility.

Designed to meet your specific project needs, the Cocoon® Platform is a closed, automated system built around flexibility. Choose one of our off-the-shelf solutions or opt for full customization with custom cassettes and programming.

Off-the-shelf solutions

Are you looking for a system that’s ready to go? If you aren’t interested in full customization, we have off-the-shelf solutions you can implement. We will help train your team and enable you to develop your own process.

Custom solutions

Do you want the flexibility to do product development in-house ? Our user-friendly, editable software gives your team control over customization and the ability to make changes on site. We’ll provide a solution that fits your process, along with the flexibility to adapt it to your changing needs.

Flexible solutions for your process

Are you in the early start-up stage and looking for a true off-the-shelf solution for immediate clinical use?

Do you want the ability to carry out product development with a basic framework already in place?

Are you looking for full customization and control over your process?

Through complete software training and support, we’ll empower you to use the Cocoon® Platform exactly the way you want.