Customize your training

At Lonza we will empower you to make the Cocoon® Platform your own. Whatever solution you choose, from an off-the-shelf solution to a fully customized workflow, we will train your team and enable you to develop your own process as you see fit. Our user-friendly software and easy-to-use interface give your team control over customization and on-site changes.

We offer a selection of training courses to suit your organization's needs.

Level 1:
Introduction to the Cocoon® Platform

Performed on-site at your location

Four-day class schedule that teaches:

  • Introduction to Cocoon® Platform hardware and software
  • Two days of wet-lab training on the use of and interaction with the Cocoon® instrument
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting guidance

Participation included in your purchase for up to three (3) users.

Level 2:
Cocoon® Platform super-user training

One-week course performed at either our Washington, DC or Kingston, ON, Canada facility

Over the course of the week, we will cover:

  • In-depth coverage of Cocoon® instrument hardware and software, including user creation/maintenance, data management, etc.
  • Protocol design training—learn the ins and outs of the Cocoon® Protocol Design Application, enabling new protocol creation and existing protocol editing/optimization
  • Extended wet-lab session—customizable based on customer needs

Participation included in your purchase for one (1) user. (Travel expenses not included.)

Special Training—Cocoon® technical transfer training post-purchase add-on paired with a Process Development program

As a portion of our internal Process Development program, we will create a customized training program specific to your process

Training is performed at the customer site

Step-by-step training on the developed Cell Manufacturing protocol. Length is dependent on developed process

Over the course of the training we will cover:

  • All aspects of Cocoon® Platform use, including hardware, software, maintenance, troubleshooting and administrative features
  • A wet-lab session encompassing the entirety of the developed process on the Cocoon® instrument. This is a trainer-guided, full run of your developed process on the Cocoon® designed to facilitate transfer of the process to your facility